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Wings, Clink, Iggy Born, Angel, and Bud by TOBOEANDHIGE
Hey, Not Funny!!! by TOBOEANDHIGE
Beast Boy and Alex by TOBOEANDHIGE
I will do this for very little points cause they are fun to do. Sorry most of my examples are of Beast Boy i haven't posted any real human characters yet.
Full Body
this is this much for the work i put into it and it's an extra 5 for either shading or lighting if both is wanted thats an extra 10
Head shots
Older Beast Boy by TOBOEANDHIGE
this is for 80 points and extra (5 per shading or lighting) for shading and lighting

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                                                                                        FMA A New Story
                                                                            by: TOBOEANDHIGE & AnimeEmm

    it was one day in central and everyone was doing their own activies like going to work, going shopping, etc. A girl walked in Central HQ for her training and she walked in a big square room to start. she waits for her trainer who she never met.

A sort of medium sized man with dark black hair cut to a bowl cut walks in. " your the new alchemist right? I am your trainer, Roy Mustang."

Midnight had long pitch black hair and a blue eyes with a hint of grey in them, like a hazel color. she looked to him and nod. "yes sir I am. Name is Midnight Mendera."

He looks at a door which bangs shut loudly as a small boy with tanish spiked hair and an Ishbalan skin tone(not being rasist) stomps in.

"Looks like we have everyone here. So Midnight, this is another new recruit. His name is Crutches. He will be training along side you." A calm and cool face gives away nothing of his thoughts but his eyes show a little bit of annoyance.

Midnight could tell hes a bit annoyed by Crutches but, she wonders how come. she decided not to ask or pry about it and nodded. "alright."

As soon as they are beganing Crutches yells out "Hey, horse? Why do you just have to snap while WE have to clap our hands and then hit the ground or wall or what we are transmuting?"

Mustang's face looked flushed " I am not sure why..."

Midnight blinked a few times. she rubs her head she was wearing gloves as well like Roy is wearing but a different symbol is on her gloves. "um.." she looked to him she have heard of him. The Flame Alchemist. and since she can do the same but with lightning instead of fire, she look to Crutches. "well look Crutches" she pulls her glove off and shows him. "some people have gloves or something else like this with transmutation circles on them. it works differently by there own way activating it. I have heard of him being the Flame Alchemist and since my gloves works the same but instead of fire its something else, its because his gloves are made out of a material that can make a spark and it activates his circle on his glove. makes sense?" she said as she puts her glove back on.

Crutches looks at his own bare hands. "oh, well, ya it makes sense. I guess... So, Horsey, we training or talkin' all day?" he says rudly to Mustang.

Mustang looks at the young boy who is giving him a face that says 'fight me if you dare'. " Alright, you ready Midnight?" Mustang says slowly as he chooses the right words to say. " lets see what you can do, shall we? You'll be using him as your target." The colonel says pointing at the unaware Crutches.

Midnight blinked looking at Roy, then Crutches, then Roy again. She could tell hes annoyed but she just nod. "Alright then." she would go easy on him by trying not to do much damage. She can control the lightning bolts energy for point of a shock pain to death so she had practice about it enough so she needs to watch out on using her alchemy still.

She sighed and made a unpleasent look on her face telling him 'yeah you dont know nothing'. she gets ready to fight "well see whos fast and whos not" she quickly jumped almost in a blink of an eye and went behind him to kick him from behind

Crutches turns around just in time to see her kick him. "Hey!! NOT FAIR!!!"

Midnight look to him. "Hey some people will end up being really fast like me and if you dont see this coming your gonna end up be kicked on the ground!" she claps her hands and her two fingers point like guns and she does a shock wave at him. she knows how to control the energy bolts in her lightning since this is a training ground.

He half blocks but at the same time takes it. "If I loose so easily to a girl..." Gives an evil look at Midnight"I have to step up my game." He swings one foot out in an a-tempt to knock her over from the ground but only misses instead. "Your lucky, Girly." He makes a small snorting sound and sits with arms crossed over his chest.

she stood on the ground with her arms crossed over her chest. "I been training since I was little, day and night all through the seasons so I am quick in my own ways. and I am not called Girly I have a name you know." she gave a cold icy stare at him. This girl looks like shes older than him which she is no shock. she look she may be at least 19 or 20 yrs old but shes only 23 yrs old.

Crutches gives her a look that says 'watch your back'. "If your so great with your alchemy than prove it!" He looks at his backpack and the black faded jar next to it. The jar was about the size of his whole back and it was at least 3 times larger than his own body. " I have something in there that you can practice with. It is fast and not even a cheetah has caught it yet." He gives a slight look at Mustang which asked 'May it be freed?'

Mustang noded. " You may, but don't let it attack her. Not yet. We don't know her strength against it's." Mustang looks at Midnight and gives a slight glance at the over-sized jar.

Midnight still had her arms crossed and she looked to the jar wondering what he ment by what he said. she gave a slight serious look with no emotion in her eyes, like usual.

" I want to ask you a question, Girly." Crutches says rudely interrupting her thoughts. "Would you rather take on a professional state alchemist or a chimera?" He stared at her as if he was saying 'choose the alchemist please'. His eyes showed no emotion but his face had turned red and he was absolutely scared to the core. He knew it would show and she would see it but now was not the time for the "worry game" as he liked to call it.

Crutches looked at her carefully... He knew her thoughts were that since he's a kid she'd go easy. " You better stop thinking and start attacking!" he yelled." I am pretty fast on my feet for someone my age and plus don't forget, this is my target practice too!." He gave her a look which said ' Going easy on me with end you in a lot of pain'. His eyes, his blank gray eyes were the only thing not to show emotion.

she look to him when he said the word Chimera. a creature mixed with all sorts of types of animals by experimentation. she looked to him with her gray blue eyes and look back at the jar. its kind of a little hard decision. she rather show him how good of an alchemist she is but then again its a training ground. who knows what the chimera will do. locked up in a jar sure gives a sign that its that dangerous. she can sense he is scared to the core. she stared at the jar for a while and sighed. "A little hard decision dont get me wrong. If i chose you" she points at him. "you would look like a burnt BBQ on a grill." she points at the jar. "I am not sure what kind of chimera you have in there and I am pretty sure its dangerous since you have it stuck in that jar for a reason."

"The reason is mostly cause it's lazy. It hates to walk or move most the time but it is a lot more dangerous than me...Well sometimes it is." He looks at the jar and gulps loudly." But it is vicious when I wake it up. And I know it is asleep right now." He looks back up at her then walks up to so he stands side by side with her. " If I tell you what kind of chimera it is, you won't tell ANYBODY will you?"

Midnight still has her arms crossed. she grew extremely serious. sounds like from him, this type of chimera would be in the lab if she told anyone. She is not the type to tell anyones secrets. "No I will not." she said straightly and honestly.

" It is a human chimera." His voice was low and sounded very serious. The kind of someone used when they were threatening a truth. "It talks, walks, and is very smart. But not only is there human there is K-9 there too. A wolf I believe. Maybe a dingo. But that isn't the point. You can NOT tell anyone,  especially Horsie. If he knew they would kill it and..." He stopped as a tear fell to the ground. " And it can't be killed. It was once my true brother."

Midnight blinked hearing the word brother coming out of his mouth. She looked to him and went down to him. "Dont worry I wont tell anyone Crutches." she said looking at him.

He stared at her for a second having emotion flow freely through all him. His grey eyes showed all his feelings. Sad, mad, anger, scared, everything showed. He hugged her out of no where "Thank you." He said as his tears fell and soaked her shirt.

she blinked from the sudden hug he gave her and she hugged him back smiling. "your welcome Crutches." she said softly while hugging him back with a soft gentle hug.

Mustang gave a small snap and flames surrounded the both of them. " I am not going to wait for you two to be kids and play around! I need to train you before you can go on a mission and we are low on men right now so it needs to be soon! So get your butt in gear Dragonheart!You too Lightning!" Mustang look impatient.

Midnight sighed "gezz impatient much?" she mumbled to herself. she stood up. "alright then, lets get this training going on." she said looking at Crutches.

"I heard that" Mustang yelled.
"So, are we going to use..." He gave a nod toward the blacked jar. "You know, it?"

Midnight heard Roy and her tounge sticked out playfully and she looked to Crutches. "If you want to thats up to you." she said while crossing her arms.

Mustang sort of was superized by he actions. "So," he turns to Crutches. "Let it out."

Crutches gave a look at Mustang then to Midnight. He looked to the jar last and said loudly enough for just Midnight to hear him "Please don't kill me. PLEASE, don't." His face looked worried but his eyes gave excietment.

Midnight heard the voice from the jar and blinked and her eyes show that she isnt planning on killing the chimera. she look to crutches telling him that she wont kill him she will make sure of it.

Crutches was sure that Midnight wanted not to kill it but if he thought wrong he wondered what would happen...
His thoughts were interupted by a loud howl of the chimera. It was awake and it wanted to be freed. "Alright," the chimera began."Let me out of this thing." The tone of voice was almost an urgent tone but more a a commanding way.

Mustang looked at the jar with fear in his eyes. Never before had he heard a chimera speak since the last me the sowing-life Alchemist brought his last expirement to them. "Dragonheart? Did that thing just talk?" His look of fear began to look more of horror. Mustang thought long about it but he thought that he had mistaken something. 'Never mind that' he thought to him self.

Midnight was ready whatever comes in hand. she bites her lip and was ready. she will try her best to not kill the chimera. maybe hurt it but not intension of killing it.

Crutches went to the jar and used alchemy to open it. " If I didn't use alchemy to seal it, it would get out and who knows what he'd do to people."

The jar opened and tipped over. A medium dog like creature slowly crept out as if cautious of it being killed. "Who am I fighting, Brother?" Of course the chimera was the older one but wasn't like that anymore. The one was changed at a degree to no longer having the human ways. "Why do you hide this way? Show them you."

Crutches looked freaked out remembering an old memory that was not a good one. A memory that nearly killed his brother and himself. "Look, Salamander, I can't do that." He spoke the chimera's true name aloud.

Midnight look to Crutches then to Salamander. she was a bit nervous what will happen next but was ready for it anyways. she gulp silently and takes a deep breath.

Crutches gave a sigh "Mustang," he said looking at his own hands once again. "Can you leave? I wanna practice with her alone." His hands turned to fists as he looked up at the colonel.

Salamander gave a small snort and walked slowly over to Midnight, his head low to the ground. "Are you who I fight?" He asked calmly.

Midnight looked to Salamander and nodded. "Yes I am." she said in a calm tone as well.

He put his head close to he as if wanting protection. "Good." his voice sounded as if he knew she a harder oponent.

Midnight look to him and breathed in deep and was ready for anything he has to throw at her.

He started to lower his head more and more little by little till his reach her ankle height. He opened his mouth quickly enough to get her ankle into his mouth. He bit down hard and he knew what he had done. " Now my younger brother can fight you equally."

Crutches was in a corner taking his jacket off. As he did it revealed that his skin was rough in some spots; like a lizard's scales. "There were two chimeras but only one fought back.Your the only one who has ever seen this. And you'll be the only one to know" His eyes flashed quickly to her face to where his eyes met hers. "Let the training began."

Midnight hissed when he bit her ankle hard but it wasnt hard enough that her ankle is cut off. she moved away quickly and her eyes glare back in crutches eyes. knowing this training is going to be intense

" I bet your thinking, IS TWO AGAINST ONE FAIR? Yes in my case it is." Crutches knew that is one of the alchemists or even just a normal military man were to walk in he'd be used for expirements and he knew the same for Salamander. "I'm taking a risk here ya know. So you do too alright^^"

she sighed angerly and growls lowly. "well then. come at me if you dare!" she hissed.

He gave her an evil smirk "All right then" He lunged toward her with a speed he hadn't used yet. The speed of a lizard's dart.

her finger tips let out a eletric spark and she very quickly did a fast kick at his stomach

His breath came out sharp. As he hit the ground he didn't move. Nothing moved.

Salamander stood wondering if he should do something. 'Should I attack her without her seeing?' He thought, confused and angry he leaped off the floor slamming his whole body against her back. He had a hit but wasn't sure if it was hard enough to knock her over. 'What should I do now?'

she blinked and fell a bit but rolled on the ground and got one knee on the ground and the foot on the ground. she hissed. "damn."

"What? I knock you down?" Salamander gave a mocking voice. "You hurt my brother now I will hurt you!" His voice sounded almost about to crack

Crutches made a small wincing sound and grabbed one of Midnight's ankles. He gave her a pained look then let go as he fainted.

she can tell she had hurt him enough to faint. which is somewhat not a surprise because of well, shes stronger than some people. she look to Salamander knowing this is going to end very badly and she is up for it. she was sweating a bit but glares.

Salamander's eyes widen at the site of his brother faint. "HOW HARD DID YOU HIT HIM!" His voice was commanding and harsh. A low growl came from his throat. His eyes showed anger and not a hint of any thing else.

she was worried about crutches she didnt mean to hit him that hard. she then remember faint memories of her sisters and her mom but she tried to not show that they are reminding her of those memories. she was shaking a bit. "i didnt mean to hit him THAT hard." she said stuttering. '..i guess i was so used to fighting tougher people as a kid. but no one cares and understands that.' she thought to herself silently.

Salamander's head tilted. He saw a deep in feeling of thought on her face. It looked hidden but being part dog help him see it. 'If I were still a human I never would have noticed that look' He thought. He sat down slowly at the place he was. "Something is a bother to you. What is it." His own face showed his own memories that had come in painfully. His eyes went down to where his brother lay still. He got up walked to where the both of them- Crutches and Midnight- were. "I will share my thoughts if you too do the same." His face looked blank all of a sudden... Like there was no thought in his mind but painful memories of his past.

she look to him and she sighed silently to herself. "..equivalent exhange on that one.." she said quietly. "..okay i will.." she looked to him.

Salamander's eyes were narrow as if he was unsure about something. "You first. Your the only lady here." He sat down right next to Crutches and lay on top of the young one's chest. An act that meant protection.

she moved away from the two to the other side of the rooms corner. getting a untrusting feeling from him and she sweats a bit from even saying anything. "you wont understand anything...what the hell i been through...not like anyone in this damn world cares..." she hissed very lowly. she had explained her past when she was very little. she and her sisters where triplets and born in a small town by the farm lands. her and her sisters always had a good time as 2 yr old children. they had a beautiful mother and they loved her so much. love seeing her smile. attack happened when they where they where still 2 yrs old and midnight was scared. fire was everywhere, blood shed was all around. nothing but slaughter by chimeras and some military men. her mother grown very ill and she protects her mom and her two sisters from the people and chimeras but...everything went black for her when one of the chimeras had attacked her head on without any remorse of her being a child. when she woke up everything was gone. her home, her family, everyone. even her mom and her sisters and her father where gone. everything was nothing but ashes around her. grass is black and trees where burnt. houses destroyed. midnight spend those years alone and starved to death since and tried her best to fight those who are stronger than her. always regreted not being strong enough. after midnight was done, she stayed in the corner. her eyes narrowed angerly. "...even after i told you one understands. they are not there why should they. they dont know what pain is they dont know anything. why should they care about someone like me? i dont need military people even chimeras telling me how pethetic and weak i am for telling them my life story." she hissed.

Salamander got up and walked slowly to her. "My brother and I know what you went through. You have  heard about the Ishbalen wars from about 4 or 5 years ago right? My brother won't remember it but I was still a normal boy then. He was too." He sat down in front of her. "Now that you have told us...I will tell you..." He sat there telling her how he and his brother are Ishbalen people. Salamander was 15 and Crutches was 2. They were outside playing when they heard a scream and a gun shot that followed it a few houses down. He had seen a military man holding a gun to a dead girl's head who was on the ground. He ran inside to tell of what happened and that day started everything. "Scar... As you call him..." Salamander said how he was related to him as being cuzins. He didn't go on... "The last thing I remember was a lot of flames, Screams, and being captured and brought to Amestris to be used as chimeras. I remember waking up one day in a cage with no longer hands but paws. I saw him and thought how we would escape. I had to kill many people to do it but we are free and happy." He gave her a conserned look then closed his eyes. "If you want to kill us for being Ishbalen, just get it over with."

Midnights eyes had no emotion what so ever. she sighed and stood up. "I dont kill for pleasure let alone kill people just cause of their ishbalen." she started walking out.

Crutches gave a deep breath in that almost sounded as deep as a gasp. "Midnight? Where...Are you going?" He asked quietly.

Midnight opened the door. "Im going out for a while. besides i pretty hit you hard enough you cant even stand up or even move. I need to be alone." she left and close the door behind her and left the building as the sky turn dark.

Crutches closed his eyes and wished that he didn't take the hit that way. 'I let my guard down' He thought, regreting everything...EVERYTHING.

Midnight walked around the dark in the city alone walking around for hours and hours. she had no home so she wonders around aimlessly. she sits down on the bench while staring at the sky.

"Let go!" A yell was heard around a corner. "HAHA I don't need to be carried anymore! HAHA" Crutches was being dragged by Salamander as they turned the corner.

She hears him far away and she gotten up and hid in the dark alley but fell down the broken ground and blinked "uh!" she fell deep in the hole and everything went black.


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For the 1st thing "I am making a real anime series called "Destoyer of Iroshi". It is about a young boy named Crutches and his BBF(best brother forever), Salamander. They travel around two different demsions in search of a way to clear Crutches of being accused of being the prophosy that is supposed to kill those of his own kind. Iwill be making this and maybe trying to get it as famous as Bleach or Naruto. I wish it a success but this will take me many years to succede"

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